Mikes Wildlife Garden

WELCOME TO MIKE'S WILDLIFE GARDEN please come in and look around.


This weeks gallery.

You'll find pictures, information, articles and videos, many of them taken in my own wildlife garden.

Dragonfly attracted by a pond. dragonfly See more dragonflies

Red admiral butterfly on buddleia. red admiral

Mason bee laying egg inside a cane. Mason bee See more bees

Wren nested in bat box for 3 years. Wren See more birds

Wildlife gardens change each month and there is always something new to look out for.

Bee on foxglove.
Lots of flowers have started to bloom and a favourite flower for bees is the foxglove. These busy insects love to disappear inside the bell like flowers which grow all up the long stem.
Read about bees. bee on foxglove
Chicks now hatching
Lookout for birds like blue tits and great tits coming and going from nest boxes as the chicks will now have hatched and they will be feeding them. This is a good time to get pictures of birds with bills full of insects to feed their young. bird box
Young blackbird
At this time of year you'll see plenty of young birds. This is a young blackbird before it moults into its adult plumage. At this age you can't tell what sex it will be but later it will be all black or all brown. Read more about blackbirds. young blackbird
Orange tip butterfly
The orange tip butterfly is one of the first butterflies to appear in spring. The orange tip on the wing which gives it the name makes it very easy to spot, however only the male has that mark. Read more about butterflies. Orange tip butterfly