What is an animal?
The Oxford dictionary defines an animal as follows: A living organism which feeds on organic matter with specialised sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli.

Animals inhabit the globe in many forms, from single celled amoeba to the colossal blue whale. Because the word animal covers so many living things they are split into genus. A genus is a scientific category which includes a number of ‘species’ of animals which are closely related. Names of species are usually in Latin and the first name of the species is the name of the genus to which they belong. For example, lions (Panthera leo), Panthera is the genus and tells us that they are closely related to tigers (Panthera tigris).

You don’t need to know about scientific names for animals to be able to enjoy them and attract animals and birds to your wildlife garden. You just need to know what kind of habitat they need to live and breed and the the kind of food they eat. By supplying nest boxes and food for birds you will attract them to your garden. By having a garden pond and areas which are always damp you will attract frogs and newts. To find out about just some of them please click on a link below.