Building a wildlife garden wall

Goldfinch drinking from the pond in my wildlife garden
November 29, 2013
Garden ponds are essential in a wildlife garden
December 27, 2013
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Building a wildlife garden wall

Purpose built wildlife garden wall Purpose built wildlife garden wall

Building a garden wall

The video below shows the wall being built and the pictures were taken 4 years later in 2013 they include a clip of a weasel.

If you’re thinking of turning your whole garden or even part of it into a wildlife garden, one of the features you really must include is a garden wall. It doesn’t need to be massive, just a few feet long and only a couple of feet high, but building a wildlife garden wall will help to attract creatures like voles and woodmice. It looks nicer and fits more with a wildlife garden if it’s built from random stone rather than brick, but the most important thing is to make it a double skinned wall with a gap between them. This gap should be partly filled but leaving plenty of passageways for small mammals to travel through and seek refuge from predators like cats, owls, kestrels and other enemies. It can be a lot of fun building a wall and gives great satisfaction to see it completed and being used. It won’t be long before mosses start to grow on it and give it character and an aged appearance. When building my own garden wall I also left holes through the walls in a few places on both sides so that voles and wood mice can enter and leave in various places if they need to escape from other animals which could also get inside the wall like stoats and weasels. These are killers which will kill the voles and mice. Before long Ivy started to grow on the wall but I only allow this on a small section so I have to keep trimming it back. The ivy attracts spiders and other small insects which are food for the garden birds and Coal tits, Great tits, Blue tits and other small birds can often be seen searching it for food. The wall is also a place where amphibians and insects including butterflies can overwinter though some of them would end up as a meal for the mammals. A garden wall creates its own little wildlife habitat and will definitely be an asset to your wildlife garden and also give you hours of interesting viewing. I built an ‘extension’ to the back of part of the wall where sit a camcorder, you can see the videos on the voles page, and where the videos where taken on the video below.

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