Feed the birds

Carder bee sipping honey
Carder bee
November 14, 2013
November 15, 2013
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Feed the birds

[shadow width=”580″] Birds feeding on peanuts[/shadow] Blue tit, Coal tit and Tree sparrow feeding from peanuts in bird feeder.

A great way to get birds into the garden is simply to put out food for them. They eat different things so just throwing out breadcrumbs as people used to do many years ago is a start but a bit limiting as far as the number of species you will attract and bread isn’t a natural food for them and may cause digestive problems. These days there is far more interest in saving the wildlife and a vast industry has built up around feeding and watching wildlife as more people become aware that much of it is in danger. To see the effects of modern farming techniques you only need to go into the countryside in any agricultural area and sit and listen for the birds, you will generally hear pretty much nothing. The contrast with the bird population in the countryside and in areas where there is human habitation and gardens is nothing short of dramatic. This is partly down to the fact that many people now feed the birds and those people often also put up boxes where different species of birds can build their nests also helping to increase the population.

Birds eat quite a variety of foods including nuts,seeds, berries, insects, worms, snails and fat. Some foods are best left for them to find themselves like worms, snails and insects but you can attract those creatures to your garden by including habitats that they need like a lawn for worms and bushes and plants which attract insects. A pile of rotting logs in a corner of the garden is a great idea and a pond if you have room will attract a lot of interesting wildlife as well as birds.

Garden centres and pet shops stock a selection of bird feeders and food so they are a good place to go to choose something to use.

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