Picture of Nuthatch Nuthatch on peanuts.
The Nuthatch is an odd kind of bird, it prefers to be upside down. In the wild you may see it fly onto the trunk high in a tree then work its way down looking for insects hiding in cracks in the bark. Its main food source is insects although it will also eat nuts berries and seeds. The Nuthatch is a common bird in most of the UK and in the wild can be seen in woodland and parks. It is not a particularly shy bird and will visit gardens if food is supplied. It loves peanuts and will be a regular visitor to a peanut holder where it will savagely fight off other birds which try to feed at the same time. One of the pictures below shows a nuthatch which has just pulled a bill full of feathers from a blue tit which dared to try and feed at the same time.

The Nuthatch has a lovely slate blue coloured upper body and light brown underside with a black stripe from the end of the bill through the eye to its neck, sometimes it has orange feathers just below its wings which can be seen in the pictures in the gallery. It is a hole nesting bird and uses natural holes in trees and also old woodpecker holes. If the hole is too big it will fill all around the edges with mud to reduce the opening. The nest is made of dry leaves, moss and bark. Unfortunately for the Nuthatch mud is not much of a deterrent for a marauding woodpecker who might be intent on eating its chicks. The Nuthatch lays five to eight eggs between April and June which are white with light red spots. Nuthatches have a lifespan of two to three years and it isn’t possible to tell males from females without close inspection.


      NOT actual size.  Egg size approx. 20mmx13mm

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