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November 16, 2011
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December 1, 2011
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Robin in my wilflife garden

Robin bathing in evening sunlight.


Robins are with us all year round and not just for Christmas as some people think. It is a bird which can become very tame especially when it has chicks to feed. If you have meal worms to offer it you may even be able to get them to feed out of your hand.

The robin is very territorial and can be quite vicious when other birds enter its domain, it can often be seen chasing them away especially in the breeding season. Both male and female robins look the same and it is not possible to tell them apart by simply looking at them. when the mating season arrives you can often see one robin presenting another with a gift of food. This helps to strengthen the bond between a mating pair.

Robins are not hole nesters but will nest in open boxes. I placed a robin nest box in my wildlife garden in what I hoped would be a safe place covered in ivy and waited four years before a pair nested in it. I was thrilled when four chicks arrived. The adults became very tame and would come within inches to get worms if I turned the soil or if I offered them meal worms. But one day I went to check on the nest and it was empty, on top or the nest box were white hairs which I had no doubt had come from a white cat which visits my garden. I was furious. Cats are responsible for killing an estimated 55 million (yes that's fifty five million) birds each year for no good reason as they are fed ample food by their owners (source RSPB).

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