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Clouded yellow butterfly sipping nectar from a purple flower

Clouded yellow butterfly

I never get tired of taking pictures of beautiful butterfies and this clouded yellow is no exception. If possible I try to get a good picture of the eyes because some are beautiful and colourful, as you can see, this butterfly has very green eyes which go perfectly with its yellow appearance. The only problem

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Spring is here with snowdrops and woodpeckers drumming

Spring has arrived with snowdrops now blooming all over the garden and the great spotted woodpeckers have started drumming on the trees where I live trying to attract a mate. See some pictures and find out more about woodpeckers here. Related Images:

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Nesting time soon

It’s nesting time again soon and if you want to get any birds to nest in your boxes they must be up before the end of February, so get a move on. Birds will only nest in places they are familiar with so to have any chance of lodgers in nest boxes this summer they

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Frozen ponds

Don’t forget on these cold winter mornings when you have to scrape the ice from your car window that there is no water for any animals. Birds and other animals need water just as much as food and when it’s all frozen they can become dehydrated. They also use it to bathe in, and although not

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Robin feeding in hand

Robin eating out of hand

2016 has been a fantastic year in my wildlife garden. I’ve had more nesting birds than ever before and for the first time in many years a song thrush nested in the conifer hedge at the bottom of the garden. A blackbird nested twice in the garden in different places and became very tame and

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