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There are eight families of butterflies in the UK. Skippers (family Hesperiidae), Swallowtail (family Papilionidae), Frittilaries and Aristocrats (family Nymphalidae), Duke of Burgundy frittilary (family Riodinidinae), Blues – Hairstreaks and Coppers (family Lycaenidae), Whites and Yellows (family Pieridae), Monach (family Danaidae) and Browns (family Satyridae). All of these butterflies plus the moths belong to the insect order of ‘Lepidoptera’. The study of this order is called ‘Entomology’. The word entomology comes from the Greek word ‘entomos’ meaning ‘that which is cut in pieces or segmented’. Lepidoptera comes from the Greek word ‘lepido’ for scale and ‘ptera’ for wings because if you look at the wings of a butterfly or moth under a microscope you will see they are covered in tiny scales which line up and are interlocked like the tiles on a roof.

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