Amphibians are a class of invertibrate i.e. frogs, toads and newts able to live both on land and in the water. They can be attracted to a wildlife garden by incorporating a garden pond.

October 17, 2011
Common frog in wildlife pond

Common frog

Common frogs won’t spend all year in your pond, all they need is damp and shade so it is quite possible to find frogs in the grass and under logs and other hiding places quite a long way from the nearest body of water.
October 27, 2011

Common toad

There are only two species of toads in the UK, Common or Brown toads and Natterjack toads.
November 14, 2013

Frozen ponds

  Every wildlife garden should have a pond but unfortunately as soon as winter arrives and the temperature drops there is the chance your garden pond […]
December 27, 2013

Garden ponds are essential in a wildlife garden

No wildlife garden is complete without a wildlife garden pond. Garden Ponds are a massive attraction to all kinds of wildlife including frogs and dragonflies and […]