Picture of a Southern hawker dragonfly

A Southern hawker dragonfly laying eggs by my pond.

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Dragonflies belong to the order ‘Odonata’. from the Greek word ‘odonto’ meaning tooth. This refers to the very small but strong teeth in their mandibles. If these insects were the size of a dog you wouldn’t want to meet one as they are vicious predators. However, because they are no threat to us it’s fine to admire their beauty and ignore their ruthlessness. Damselflies and dragonflies are predators both as adults and young. They spend most of their lives underwater where they prey on small fish, tadpoles and small frogs (when available) and other pond creatures. We only see them when they emerge from their pupal stage and transform into some of the most beautiful insects. You will see them close to rivers and ponds darting around close to the surface of the water searching for insect prey. They sometimes appear as a flash of bright colour in the sunlight on a warm summer day. They can also be see a long way from water searching for ponds in which they can lay their eggs. I live about half a mile away from the nearest stream but I often see them around my wildlife garden pond in summer and some of the pictures I’ve taken of them appear here on the website. You can also see a video of a ‘Southern hawker’ dragonfly laying her eggs on the stones around my pond on a page below.

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