Carder bee

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November 14, 2013
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Carder bee

Carder bee sipping honey

Carder bee sipping honey ( Bombus pascuorum)

Sometimes you will see a bee walking on the ground or perhaps not moving much at all. It could be that it has run low on energy and is unable to fly. This is what had happened to the carder bee in the above picture. I took a drop of honey from a jar in the kitchen and placed it on the wall in my wildlife garden. I then carefully scooped the bee from the floor with the help of a sheet of paper, and placed it by the drop of honey. Within seconds it started to lap up the honey with it’s long tongue or ‘proboscis’. It stayed for about ten minutes rejuvenating then flew off to continue it’s journey. A carder bee is a relatively small bumble bee with rows of tufted light brown hair on it’s abdomen which also covers it’s back and shoulders. The carder bee is common throughout the UK and gets it’s name from the way it knits leaf litter together to make it’s nest on the ground. Carder coming from an old English word ‘card’ meaning to tease or comb.

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