There are hundreds of thousands of plant species. It is estimated up to 400,000, however there is no definite figure as there are many plants as yet undiscovered and other plants become extinct at the hand of man. Many species have very specific requirements so have evolved to survive in only a few locations. As the human population grows and expands, more of the countryside is destroyed for housing and industrial developments. Many native wild flower meadows have now been built on and can never be replaced.

The beautiful snakeshead fritilary with its checkered petals along with many other wild flowers once a common site in fields and meadows is now endangered or extinct. Having a wildlife garden is an excellent way to help endangered flowers as many of them have evolved to work in conjunction with native UK insects which also need a lot of help. By splitting your wildlife garden into sections you can supply habitats for wild flowers which need specific types of soil. Be careful when choosing your flowers and be sure to select wild flowers that will give a constant supply of nectar throughout the year.