Autumn fungi

Autumn is a most colourful and scenic time of year
October 18, 2015
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October 30, 2015
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Autumn fungi

The buff cap or Hygrophorus pratensis is a fungi

The buff cap or Hygrophorus pratensis

It was a lovely autumn day today so I thought I would go out for a walk and see if I could find any interesting mushrooms and toadstools to photograph. I found a few but most had been destroyed, however I managed to get pictures of three, the Buff cap mushroom (Hygrophorus pratensis) of which there are three pictures here, one above and two below, the Parasol mushroom (Lepiota procera), second from bottom and the Liberty cap (Psilocybe-semilanceata) pictured bottom.
Buff cap (Hygrophorus pratensis) b

Buff cap (Hygrophorus pratensis)c

Parasol mushroom (Lepiota procera) a

Liberty cap (Psilocybe semilanceata)

Many mushrooms can be eaten safely but toadstools are a different matter. It is thought by many that toadstools are extremely poisonous but this is not exactly true as there are only a couple which are very dangerous, most will just cause you to have a very bad day and are only dangerous if you consume a lot. However, the safest stance to take is that they are all dangerous then you will stay out of trouble as you need to be something of an expert to tell the safe ones from the dangerous variety.

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