Common frog in wildlife pond
Common frog
October 17, 2011
Scabious,also called the butterfly flower
October 18, 2011
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Lavender a butterflybflower

Lavender flower

Lavender is a bushy herb from which cuttings can quite easily be taken as I found out last year when I tried for the first time. I selected a few stems of new growth and pulled them away from the main stem making sure I took with it a small strip of the bark. I simple stuck them in some soil in small pots and made sure they never dried out. Much to my surprise they survived and I soon noticed fresh growth on them. They have now been planted in my wildlife garden and have flowered in their first year. Lavender has a cluster of very small but very fragrant flowers at the top of each stem and insects find them irresistible. Because of its fragrance dried Lavender is used in pot pourri and many other things including moth repellent for clothing so I assume moths are one insect that don’t actually like it.

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