Forget me not

Picture of Oxeye daisies
Oxeye daisy
November 10, 2014
A picture of a Teasle flower head
November 10, 2014
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Forget me not

A picture of Forget-me-nots



Forget-me-nots are tiny flowers which appear very early in the year and are an essential supply of nectar for the first insects to appear when the temperature starts to rise in spring. Each plant produces hundreds of seeds which readily ‘self set’, so if left to their own devices they will spread rapidly and form a wonderful blue carpet over the ground. They are visited by many insects from tiny flies to honey bees. They make a very nice addition to wildlife gardens because of their early flowering and if you leave them to seed they will continue to do so every year. The downside is that after they have finished flowering they begin to look a bit shabby whilst they are turning to seed, so as soon as you see the seeds are ready, pull them up and shake the seeds out over the garden before disposing of the plant.

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