November 9, 2014
Picture of Oxeye daisies
Oxeye daisy
November 10, 2014
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A picture of a bee getting nectar from a Foxglove

A bee getting nectar from a Foxglove.

The Foxglove (Digitalis) is a wild flower which can be found growing in full sunlight and also shady hedgerows. They can grow as tall as five feet or more and have one long upright stem around which the flowers grow. The first flowers open at the bottom of the stem then the ones above open in sequence, the top ones opening as the bottom ones die. Foxgloves make wonderful wildlife garden plants if you manage them properly, but if you let them grow wild they will look very untidy. They are perennials and don’t flower until their second year. This makes it very easy to plan where they are going to grow in your wildlife garden. When I see a young plant growing I let it grow until it’s about four inches across, then I dig it up and plant it where I want it flower the following year. Insects, especially bees love them and I can sit for ages just watching them go in and out of the lovely bell shaped flowers.

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