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Carder bee sipping honey


Insects are essential to pollinate the fruits and flowers of other foods which form a large part of the diet of human beings. Without these insects it is said the human race would be short of food. One of the most important insects for this purpose are honey bees. Honey bees occur in the wild

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Mason bee at entrance of it's hole.

Mason bee

I love ‘Mason bees’ because they return to my wildlife garden every year. Their name stems from the fact that they will excavate holes in sandy mortar between bricks. Each year I watch them hovering around the walls of my home looking for any holes between the bricks which they can exploit. Last year I

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Wasp attacks and mutilates bee

Wasp attacks and mutilates bee This video shows a wasp attacking and mutilating a bee. The wasp is deliberately cutting into the bee to separate its abdomen from it’s upper body. when it succeeds it carries off the bee’s abdomen. I spotted this happening by chance when I was going to my garage and ran

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