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Scarce aeshna dragonfly

Damselflies and dragonflies

Danmselflies and dragonflies Damselflies and dragonflies are beautiful insects which are most often found near ponds, lakes and river banks, however they often stray for quite long distances from main bodies of water in search of small garden ponds in which to lay their eggs. I have seen them often around my small pond which

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Broad bodied Libellula

Broad bodied Libellula Male (Libellula depressa) View a video of this dragonfly below. The Broad bodied Libellula (Libellula depressa)is a ‘darter’ which is a kind of dragonfly. It is more short and stubby than many other dragonflies. The male Broad bodied Libellula like several other of the darters has a lovely pale blue coloured abdomen

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Southern hawker dragonfly

This wonderful dragonfly appeared at my pond one day. I ran for my camera and video cam and took quite a few pictures and also some good video.

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