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Wood boring beetle

I was searching the rotting log pile in my wildlife garden late yesterday in the setting sunlight looking for insects to photograph when I saw this beetle pupa case sticking out from the end of a log. This is the first one I have ever seen and was amazed at the size of the pincers

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Ants sipping honey


Ants fascinate me, whenever I see a line of ants I have to stop and watch them for a while to see what they are doing. Below you will see a video I took whilst I was on holiday in a small town called La Marina on the east coast of Spain. About ten minutes

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UK 7 spot ladybird


Ladybirds Ladybirds are brightly coloured beetles which most people will recognise. They are round in shape with a dome shaped wing casing. The colour on the different species of ladybirds wing casing can vary in colour and in most cases have spots on them. The background colour can be varying shades of brown, or orange,

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Scarce aeshna dragonfly

Damselflies and dragonflies

Danmselflies and dragonflies Damselflies and dragonflies are beautiful insects which are most often found near ponds, lakes and river banks, however they often stray for quite long distances from main bodies of water in search of small garden ponds in which to lay their eggs. I have seen them often around my small pond which

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Holly blue butterfly


Butterflies Butterflies are arguably the most beautiful of all the insects. Like all the insects they are arthropods. The word Arthropod literally means jointed limbs. All arthropods have an ‘external skeleton’ i.e. a kind of shell which encrusts their whole body, so they have no internal skeleton like we do, this shell is made from

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