About me

I hope I can show you that whatever size garden you have you can make it attractive to wildlife. Mine is no more than 40’ by 30’ (that’s 13m x 9m to young folks). Some will think that’s large and some small, but it’s totally dedicated to attracting wildlife with a hedgehog hideout, bird boxes, a wildlife pond, purpose built wildlife stone wall , rotting log pile, wild flower section and bird feeders, and anyone who loves wildlife can do the same.

I’ve been interested in wildlife since I was a young boy. Many years ago after watching a programme on TV called ‘Blue tits and bumble bees’ by Chris Baines I decided to make my smallish semi detached garden into a little wildlife haven. I thought it would be nice to have wildlife all around me instead of having to find time to go into the countryside to see it. I did this and entered it into a national competition which much to my surprise I won, and was featured in an article in the ‘Sunday Express’ newspaper colour supplement. Since then I’ve continued with my wildlife garden and accumulated many pictures.

On this website I’ll show you some that I’ve taken and offer tips in the hope that I can encourage any budding wildlife gardeners. I don’t think I’ll ever actually finish this site as it’s an ongoing thing so please keep calling back to see what’s been added. You can also join in by sending me an email giving your own tips to others who want to start wildlife gardening. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear from you.
Mike is a wildlife gardener, photographer and and author of the childrens adventure novel for age 9+ The Bell Ringer.